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TV5… The world from a different angle

Since 1988, TV5 Québec Canada has been laying claim to a unique position among Canadian television broadcasters. Thanks to its lively and dynamic programming, TV5 has contributed to the promotion and dissemination of the social and linguistic diversity of French-speaking culture from within Canada and abroad.

With its fine mix of authentic cultural influences, TV5 bears testimony to the vitality of the French language by proposing a judicious range of the very best programs in French from Europe and Africa, in addition to original Canadian productions.

With its core values of openness and sharing, and its willing affirmation of a spirit and a language, TV5 is a network that both listens to people and designs its programming in consequence. A partner of the second most widely distributed television network in the world, TV5 Québec Canada is very favourably positioned in the heart of the international French-speaking community and is able to offer a vision and points of view that go far beyond mere images on a screen.

Assisted by its strongly built brand image, TV5 reaches a targeted audience of francophones and francophiles that is open to diversity, plurality and dialogue. Thanks to the extraordinary synergy derived from francophone public television networks around the planet, TV5 has developed into a formidable ambassador for coexistence and cultural interchange.

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TV5 is the only French-language general-interest channel with global reach: some 207 million households in close to 200 countries and territories on five continents. One of the most widely available French-language television networks in Canada, TV5 built its success on the cultural diversity of its network of news and entertainment from Québec, Canada, France, Switzerland, Belgium and Africa. It is supported by the Government of Canada and the Government of Québec.

TV5 holds an operating license giving it status as a Canadian network with its headquarters in Montreal. By virtue of its license, TV5 Québec Canada is committed to devoting 15% of its programming to the distribution of Canadian programs during the day and at prime time. Of this amount, it presents at least 104 hours of original first-run Canadian programming per year, which represents a substantial investment. The best Canadian programs also have a chance to be seen over TV5’s entire international network. This is an excellent means of gaining notoriety in the export market.

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Home-grown series

Truly a television network with a difference, TV5 constantly reaffirms its unique position by means of select, intelligent programming, which provides a window onto the world. TV5 also produces a number of programs reflecting the reality of French-speaking Canadians and francophiles. Here are some examples.


Steering clear of stereotypes, take an amazing world tour of 13 port cities with photographer Heidi Hollinger and see San Francisco, Helsinki, Marseille, Lisbon, Havana, Capetown, Tel Aviv, Moscow, Houston, Buenos Aires, Bangkok, Melbourne and Reykjavik like never before.


Guided by host François-Étienne Paré and guest stars, venture into a world where acrobats, clowns, contortionists, hypnotists, magicians and musicians deliver fantastic performances.


Is lily of the valley edible? Did Chef Boyardi actually exist? What’s soubise sauce? Find out with the bubbly Chantal Lamarre and her guest stars in this deliciously entertaining quiz show.


Like to be in the know on emerging trends, people making headlines and the phenomena of the hour? François Parenteau and his fellow members (Matthieu Dugal, Julie Laferrière, Dave Ouellet, Lakshmi Nguon, Philippe Desrosiers and Émilie Dubreuil) invite you to attend their Club social!


Do all anarchists plant bombs? Could New Christians be punks? Stéphane Crête delves into various micro-societies and gives voice to those who refuse to join mass culture. But you’re welcome to tune in, freegans, role players and body modifiers…


A documentary series on the stories of Canadians who have an extraordinary bond with the sea. Through them, whether they are researchers, artists, navigators or simply shoreline residents, we come to understand the great diversity and richness of the marine world.

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If you have any question, please contact us at 514.522.5322

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For any other matters (Affiliation agreement, signal authorization, etc.) : David Cantin (